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Sunday Morning

You are welcome as you are! It's important for us to tell you that. Our services are a safe and open place for you to come and worship Jesus, or to just sit back and see what we're all about.

Sunday Morning: Text

In-Person Services

Online Streaming

Sunday Morning: What We Do

We go live at 10:00 AM in-person and on two channels.

You can join us in-person at Carleton Place High School

or online via YouTube (click here)

We will be here for about 90 minutes.

We hope this will be an experience you will want to repeat and that you will feel the loving presence of Jesus every time.

We will sing some worship songs.

Words will be on the screen. Sing your heart out if you love Jesus. If you’re not there yet, open your heart and hum along!

We will hear a message together.

Hopefully it will be practical, relevant & inspiring. We’ll do our best to send you home with something positive & helpful!

We will pray for one another.

Feel free to stick around after the service for a time of payer! Sometimes we’ll pray together as a group. Sometimes we’ll create space for personal prayer for those who want it.

We will answer questions.

Feed us your questions (don’t be afraid to try to stump us).

Sunday Morning: List
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